About Us

PT Bion Digital Indonesia, known as BION, is a tech-focused company, which provides an ecosystem for delivering end-to-end digital solutions across various industries.

Our digital solutions continuously evolve based on the dynamic industry landscape, real-world use cases, and the specific pain points experienced by our clients. We deliver these customer-centric solutions with a commitment to the highest standards in project planning and execution. This approach distinguishes us from being merely a software development company to becoming a strategic partner dedicated to helping our clients achieve their digital transformation goals.

Through our focus on business process automation, we create an environment where
technology and people are synergized.

Our Journey

Established in 2014, PT Bion Digital Indonesia has evolved into a leading provider of comprehensive digital ecosystem provider, guiding businesses through transformation.

With a dedicated team of in-house digital solutions experts, BION has served more than 50
clients in diverse industries in Indonesia and across the region.


Our vision is to provide multitudes of businesses with access to digital ecosystem solutions and enable them to fully harness technology's potential, fostering adaptability and success in the digital era.

A future where technology seamlessly integrates with businesses, empowering them to thrive in the digital age. Initially focusing on ERP solutions, we pioneer innovative software to streamline processes and drive growth. As we progress, we’ll expand to hardware solutions, supporting enterprises’ digital transformation. Mobile applications will be key, providing intuitive platforms for efficient operations management. Our vision is to enable businesses to fully harness technology’s potential, fostering adaptability and success in the digital era. 


  • To empower businesses and organizations in accelerating their growth by delivering best-in-class IT solutions, implementation, and business growth services within a dynamic digital ecosystem

  • To foster an environment where every team member thrives through collaboration and mutual support, enabling all to achieve both individual and collective success, and making a positive impact on our industries and communities

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